Implementation of energy-efficient solutions at the facilities of Re Alloys

Project objectives:

The project’s objective is to implement energy-efficient solutions at the Re Alloys’ facilities including replacement of the transformer, lighting and construction of the cooling for the open water circulation cooling system.


 PLN 5,764,729.62


PLN 5,188,256.66

remission  PLN 2,000,000.00
loan  PLN 3,188,256.66


01.09.2022 – 31.08.2023

The project scope will include three types of measures:

  1. Replacement of the 40 MVA transformer with a more energy-efficient unit.
    In the view of the fact that transformers of highest capacity generate high no-load losses, a decision on replacing the 40 MVA transformer with a more energy-efficient one was made. Within the said replacement, planned are: purchase, assembly and start-up of a modern, more energy-efficient unit, thanks to which losses will be reduced, what will translate into reduction of energy consumption and increase of safety of the energy supply for the Facilities and the production equipment.
    Transformer cost – PLN 3,034,729.62.
    Time span – 12 months

  2. Cooling system for open water circulation of the furnaces 22 and 23
    Pump station of the Furnace Building IV operates in an open cooling system of the electric furnaces 22 and 23. Pumps and draft cooling towers are not equipped with an automatic operation system, a load control system or with a remote-control system. The entire control of pumps and operating cooling towers is performed manually by the staff supervising the operation of the equipment. Modernisation of the open water circulation for the furnaces 22 and 23 will include application of an automatic control system, work parameters will be adjusted automatically to instantaneous demand resulting from the variability of the ferroalloys production process, also from changing weather conditions directly influencing the temperature of the cooling water. Work parameters will be adjusted automatically thanks to the frequency converters, pumps will maintain the constant pre-defined pressure of cooling water in the open circulation system. Control of the rotational speed of the fans will enable maintaining the pre-defined temperature of cooling water in the return tank of the open water circulation system.
    Open cooling system cost – PLN 2,000,000.00
    Time span – 10 months


  3. Replacement of lighting at the Facilities with energy-efficient one
    Replacement of lighting with the energy-efficient one is planned for 13 spots at the premises of Re Alloys in Łaziska Górne. In total, 1,207 items of luminaires will be replaced. The scope of works will include: inspection of the lighting system, removal of 147 items of mercury-vapour lamp, 377 items of sodium-vapour lamp, 488 items of fluorescent luminary, 195 items of incandescent lamp, supply and assembly of 1207 lamps and illuminance measurements and electric shock protection measurements, also drafting of handover reports for the works and measurements.
    Lighting replacement cost – PLN 730,000.00
    Time span – 6 months

The expected deliverables of the project:

As a result of the project implementation, the expected environmental effect is the reduction of CO2 emission to the air estimated at the level of 1,176.004 kg/year, including:

  • due to the transformer replacement – 103,688 kg/year,
  • due to the open cooling system construction – 783,854 kg/year,
  • due to the lighting replacement – 288,462 kg/year.

Moreover, consumption of electricity will be reduced. The total economy of the above measures will bring the saving of 1,684MWh/year.

Source of financing:

The project is co-financed with the funds of the Regional Environmental and Water Management Fund in Katowice, including the remission of a loan of PLN 2,000,000.00 and the obtained loan in the amount of PLN 3,188,256.66.