Responsible business means not only a profit-oriented organisation, but it also entails concern and realistic commitments towards the environment, society, economy, customers, employees, also the observance of the highest corporate governance standards.

Conscious organisation – we integrate transparency with responsibility. We improve transparency practices and effectively adjust to new regulations.

Legal framework for operation of the Management Board of RE Alloys are outlined by the Polish Commercial Companies Code and other laws, such as: the Articles of Association of the Company and Rules of Procedure of the Management Board of RE Alloys.

The Management Board takes it decisions by adoption of resolutions. Resolutions of the Management Board are adopted by a simple majority of votes present at the Management Board meeting, at presence of at least half of its Members.  In case of equal number of votes, Management Board President has a deciding vote. The Management Board of RE Alloys is composed of three people, including Management Board President, who are appointed and dismissed by the Shareholders’ Meeting. Management Board Members are appointed for a joint term of office of three years. Since February 2018, the composition has not changed. Average attendance of Management Board Members at weekly meetings in 2020 was 98.86%, and in 2021 -89%. Each year, along with approval for financial statements, the Management Board is granted discharge, what is defined as a positive assessment of the Management Board’s works.

Management Board Members do not hold the company’s shares.

RE Alloys sp. z o.o. is a part of the Luma Holding Limited group. – family company owned by
prof. dr. Radosław Miśkiewicz, who holds jointly (directly and through Luma Holding Ltd.) 100% of shares in the company’s share capital.  

The Management Board

Management Board President, Chief Executive Officer

Management Board Member, Director of Electric Matters

Management Board Member, Chief Technical and Technological Officer