Re Alloys invites producers, distributors, construction and service companies to cooperate. Provision of services and deliveries to the only ferroalloys smelter in Poland is a unique opportunity to participate in non-standard projects and to develop your company. Owing to the well-qualified purchase team, we ensure a professional and constructive cooperation.
What we expect from our Suppliers is to identify our priority goals and to achieve them jointly: provision of timely supplies and services with care for quality, natural environment, safety and value of the company.


Learn more and explore our pending procurement proceeding available on the Logintrade purchasing platform.

Re Alloys, as a reliable and responsible business partner, takes necessary actions to cooperate with suppliers in a manner giving mutual benefits.

We make every endeavour in order for our supply chain approach to be conscious and transparent.

Re Alloys, as a ferroalloys producer, identifies its crucial suppliers by categories:

1. Total number of suppliers broken down into materials bought:

  • Hard coal – 2 suppliers (approx. 60 % of purchase costs)
  • Quartzite – 2 suppliers (approx. 12% of purchase costs)
  • Scale – 5 suppliers (approx. 11% of purchase costs)
  • Steel products – 8 suppliers (approx. 3% of purchase costs)
  • Wood chips – 3 suppliers (approx. 6% of purchase costs)
  • Other (auxiliary materials) – 14 suppliers (approx. 9% of purchase costs)
2. Geographical distribution of raw materials suppliers
  • Hard coal – Poland, Columbia
  • Quartzite – Poland, Ukraine
  • Scale – Poland, Czech Republic, Italy
  • Steel products – Poland
  • Wood chips – Poland