Refined, ultra-pure ferro-silico-chromium with controlled content of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen

Project objectives:

The project’s objective was to carry out development works related to ferro-silico-chromium FeSiCr and to use the results for production of an alloy of worldwide unique quality i.e. an alloy of the carbon content less than 0.02% (mass percentage), phosphorus less than 0.02%, nitrogen less than 0.02%, hydrogen less than 0.03%, oxygen less than 0.4% and sulphur less than 0.01%.

01.07.2016 – 30.09.2017


26 079 666,07 PLN

10 431 866,36 PLN

Project assumptions:

In order to obtain the quality objective, Re Alloys carried out development works covering determination of the best mixture of raw materials, analysis of mechanisms of gas elements passing to an alloy and enhancing of previous FeSiCr refining and tapping manners. Technological tests of the solutions developed were carried out in production environment since no laboratory tests can reflect the specific thermal conditions and reactions occurring in furnaces and refining ladles. Within the project, based upon the granted licence, an innovative, patent-pending refining technology, which allows for obtaining low carbon content, was used. On 01 August 2017 implementation of the project’s results took place. It consisted of introduction of the development works results to business activity of Re Alloys. It allowed for introduction of ultra-pure ferro-silico-chromium to the world market – an alloy characterised by quality which has not been obtained by the world’s producers before. The quality was obtained thanks to specially selected raw materials as well as production technology developed by European Solutions (patented invention) and enhanced by Re Alloys within the project implementation. The product is manufactured with the use of the existing facilities of Re Alloys’ operating plant. The production is carried out at the III furnace building, two furnace units of the power of 12 MVA each.

Source of financing:

The project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund within sub-measure 1.1: Enterprises’ R&D projects, Sub-measure 1.1.2: R&D works related to development of pilot/demonstration installation, of the Smart Growth Operational Programme 2014-2020.