PLN 60 million for green project implementation!

We are glad to announce that Re Alloys obtained a sum exceeding PLN 60 million for its green project implementation
A project financing agreement for “development of an innovative technology for effective use of subgrain in the production process of high-grade silicon and iron alloys (FeSi) along with providing zero-emission energy resource (RES) for this process” has been signed with the National Centre for Research and Development.
Within the project:
– a technology of full management of the ferrosilicon production process by-products is to be developed,
– a 35 MW PV installation is to be constructed to generate energy for the production process.
The projects result will be:
– management of by-products
– significant reduction of CO2 emission
– improvement of the production process efficiency
– independence of the energy market prices
– participation in the industry transformation
Total cost of the project has been estimated at the level of PLN 168,141,974.22, and the subsidy amount is PLN  61,623,866.15  The project is co-financed by the EU funds within the European Funds for Modern Economy Programme.