Patience visited Re Alloys

Patience, a new member of the Luma Holding team, coming from Rwanda, has recently visited Re Alloys. He has received a scholarship and come to Poland to study at the Silesian University of Technology.

During the visit, Patience could see how the ferroalloy manufacturing process looks and learn about the innovative solutions used at the plant. He could observe how the smelter works starting from input preparation and monitoring of all indicators, to an arc-resistance furnace operation, tapping and pouring of molten metal. He also has a chance to learn how metallurgists’ work looks. The tour was given by Katarzyna Janik, Technologist at Re Alloys, who not only showed our guest how the smelter operates, but also shared a large portion of knowledge in terms of production process and cutting-edge technological solutions. Our Rwandan guest was also introduced to the arcana of laboratory and administrative departments work.

Patience is fascinated by technology he previously knew only in theory. As he says, Re Alloys has a fantastic environmental approach.