Education and Innovation – visitors in Re Alloys

Earlier this week we hosted 4 groups of first-graders of the Warsaw Liceum Artes Liberales high school. It was already their second visit at Re Alloys. Once again, the smelting processes and unique industrial scenery made a huge impression on the guests from the capital city. This time, the students were accompanied by one of the school principals, Jarek Szulski.

The school’s motto is The school is everywhere. Everything is a lesson. It may not have been
a coincidence they returned to us – a plant producing ferrosilicon, as their philosophy is based on “Protein and Silicon” – combination of conscious social relationships coupled with simultaneous use of new technologies for educational purposes. In other words, technology helps them free up space to accomplish various tasks, including building peer relationships.

At Re Alloys, we believe that innovation and education go hand in hand and they create
a bright future for our communities. We are delighted to be part of this journey and prove that ferrosilicon has more in common with building tomorrow than it may appear.