Dzwola wind farm with an award

We are thrilled to announce that the Dzwola Wind Farm has been granted the IJGlobal ESG Award 2023 in the category of wind energy in Europe.

Most of all, the award acknowledges the project’s pioneering role in decarbonising the Polish steel industry.

The Dzwola Wind Farm with a power of 35MW is an essential part of the Going Green strategy pursued by Re Alloys. The main objective of this strategy is to achieve zero emission. The Dzwola project directly impacts limiting the fossil fuels usage in Poland and the Going Green strategy contributes significantly to the energy transformation of the crucial, yet emission-intensive, steel sector.

Dzwola Wind Farm is currently under construction and COD is planned for Q4 2024.

We thank all our partners for their support in following our strategy. Particular words of gratitude to Sienna Private Credit and PKO Bank Polski for your trust and financial support.

We also thank the entire team of Re Alloys and Luma Holding Ltd experts who are deeply involved in the implementation of the project, especially Prof. Dr. Radoslaw Miskiewicz, Jaroslaw Palejko, CFA, Krzysztof Matan, Pawel Duszek, CFA, Patrycja Kunc-Rozbroj, Hubert Szulakowski.