A new spectrometer at the Re Alloys laboratory

Last years have been incredibly busy for the Re Alloys laboratory. We made various investments in equipment, improved safety and ergonomics of the controllers work, renovated the rooms, and a number of other enhancements were introduced. Since the middle 2022, Re Alloys had started its attempts to receive a subsidy for laboratory equipment, partially financed under the Crosimax project, the aim of which was to develop an innovative FeSiCr alloy of the increased potential of serving as a reducing agent. The project was run for a German client in cooperation with the AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow for the period of January – February 2023.

Within the project, we obtained funds for the purchase of laboratory apparatus:  a carbon an sulphur analyser and a Thermofisfer XRF X-ray spectrometer, one of the most cutting-edge spectrometers on the market.

In February 2023, a new BRUKER G4 Icarus HF II C+S analyser was delivered and launched. Our choice was a BRUKER G4 Icarus HF II C+S analyser. The analyser provides fast and precise determination of carbon and sulphur in samples, it is highly effective, in particular in case of metallic materials, but also those inorganic ones, such as cement, clays, metal ores, carbons, oxides, etc. The analysis consists of placing a loose sample in a ceramic melting pot along with an accelerator. The sample is combusted in a high-frequency furnace in oxygen stream. Based on the measurement of the gas peak integrated by the software, concentration of elements is calculated taking into account the calibration factor or function, as well as the sample mass. The results may be expressed as ppm or as a percentage.

Our analyser is controlled easily through a personal computer. A built-in control computer with a microprocessor, with a work monitoring function in place, automatically controls the analysis flow. Monitoring of results and current analysis is also possible, through the network, from any location worldwide. The BRUKER G4 Icarus analyser is able to cooperate concurrently with two similar C+S analysers Re Alloys already has in the laboratory.

The next step in our development plans is to purchase and start the above-mentioned XRF X-ray spectrometer up.