The company’s core activity is ferroalloys production. The basic product in the Re Alloys’ offer is ferrosilicon applicable in steel and founding industry. Apart from ferrosilicon, in the existing furnace units Re Alloys can smelt other types of alloys based on silicon.

Re Alloys has been constantly looking for effective methods of production and it implements numerous innovative projects. One of them is a production technology for ultra-pure ferro-silico-chromium of controlled content of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen. An alloy of worldwide unique parameters may be used in the space industry.

Ferrosilicon delivered to recipients is crushed into granulation tailored precisely to customer needs. The most wanted fraction of a ready product is 10-50 mm. Crushing to less standard fractions, such as 3-10 mm or 50-150 mm, is also possible. Re Alloys focuses its operations on adjusting the production to market needs. Stabilisation of revenue by development of sales portfolio ensures stable cash flows in the group.

Alloys, which can be smelted in the existing installations, are:

  • Ferro-silicon – FeSi75/65/LC
  • Ferro-silico-chromium – FeSiCr
  • Ferro-manganese – FeMnHC
  • Ferro-silico-manganese – FeSiMn
  • High carbon ferro-chromium – FeCrHC
  • Carbide – CaC2

and for founding industry:

  • Spheroidisers for cast iron of the FeSoMgCeCa type
  • Cast iron comprehensive modifiers KOMO-BaSr

Ultra-pure FeSiCr

Parameters of the innovative FeSiCr alloy with controlled content of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen

max. 0.02%

of carbon

max. 0.02%

of phosphorus

max. 0.02%

of nitrogen

max. 0.03%

of hydrogen

max. 0.04%

of oxygen

max. 0.01%

of sulphur


Re Alloys is the only producer of microsilica (SILIMIC) in Poland.

The SILIMIC microsilica contains min. 90% of SiO2, most commonly used as an active additive for concrete and building materials. Owing to its microscopic structure and highly developed grain surface, SILIMIC provides high pozzolanic properties, that is, it reduces calcium hydroxide, what is used first and foremost in production of high-strength concrete and building materials, such as dry mortar, fibre-cement materials and roof covering materials. Fine-grain SILIMIC can be also used in products such as refractories for heavy industry, rubber products and cleaning agents.

Products with SILIMIC have increased toughness, hardness, water tightness, fire resistance, anticorrosiveness, chemical and abrasion resistance.

Sale of Re Alloys’ products is provided by Luma Trading – the company belonging to the Luma Holding Capital Group, the same capital group Re Alloys belongs to.

If you are interested in our offer or you would like to obtain detailed information on our products, we strongly encourage you to contact us.