Re Alloys – ferroalloys producer
what we offer

1. Ferroalloys, including high percentage silicon alloys.

Ferroalloys (alloys of iron and other elements) are used to deoxidize steel and introduce alloy additions. Multicomponent alloys based on silicon, magnesium and calcium are used in the foundry in order to modify and nodularize cast iron. Our main products are ferrosilicon and silicon-based alloys.


We are able to produce the following products:

  • Ferrosilicochrome- FeSiCr
  • Ferrosilicon - FeSi75/65
  • Ferromanganese - HCFeMn
  • Ferrosilicomanganese - FeSiMn
  • High-carbon Ferrochrome - HCFeCr
  • Calcium Carbide - CaC2

and for foundry industry:

  • Nodulizers for cast iron FeSoMgCeCa
  • Inoculants for cast iron KOMO-BaSr


Additionally, we provide ferroalloys granulation and sieving services.

2. Silica dust SILMIC (microsilica).

3. Electric Energy.