Re Alloys – ferroalloys producer

Re Alloys was implementing an innovative project “Development of a system for producing hot water and electricity from the latent heat in postproduction gases“ which is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund within the framework of Innovative Economy Operational Program POIG.01.04.00-24-005/09; POIG.04.01.00-24-005/09 and by the Voivodeship Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Katowice.
The premise of the project was to improve energy efficiency of production of ferrosilicon 75%, which is smelted in electrical arc-resistance furnaces. The scope of the project included modernization of two metallurgical furnaces, delivery and assembling of a turbogenerator and assembling of a complete system capable of producing electrical and thermal energy. The project was based on a pioneering technology licensed by European Silicon -
European Silicon’s innovative technology has been awarded in “future technology in pre-implementation phase” category in the 12th edition of Polish Product of the Future Contest. Furthermore, it is in conformance with Best Available Techniques for ferroalloy production process with heat recovery from postproduction gases.

One of the key aspects of the implemented project is its ecological character.
It will result in decreasing dusts, gases (NOX, SO2, CO2) and heat emission, using renewable fuels in the silicon alloys production process, achieving a waste-free electrical energy production status.
The project was set to accomplish the following production and economic goals:

  • Increasing production capacity
  • Decreasing production costs by lowering electrical power losses
  • Generating:
    • Thermal energy in the form of hot tap water
    • Electrical energy from postproduction gases heat
  • Reducing Ferrosilicon 75% production costs
  • Achieving 90% silicon recovery
  • Improving energy efficiency of the silicon alloys production process

A strong, highly-qualified and experienced project team and effective cooperation with external consultants including the scientists of Silesian University of Technology guarantee successful completion of the project.
The company has established a Research & Development department which is responsible for coordinating the project’s execution phase, monitoring results and effects of the implemented investment and working on future company projects.