The next stage of the RaFeSi project has been completed.

On 30th October a hot-commissioning in the RaFeSi project called “development of an innovative technology for  production of FeSi75 with ultra-low content of carbon with the use of refining slag based on amorphous silica dust”  took place. The commissioning confirmed reaching the milestone and successful completion of the stage II, that is the construction of a demonstration line for ferrosilicon refining.

Re Alloys has received the “Golden Payer 2018” certificate.

Re Alloys has received the “Golden Payer 2018” certificate. The award is granted for observing the highest payment standards in 2018. The Receivables Analysis Programme identifies reliable business partners obtaining the highest Payment Morality Index in a given year. Only 6% of Polish companies meet the requirements of the Golden Payer programme.

Re Alloys was awarded with the title of Orzeł [Eagle] “Wprost”

On 11 June Re Alloys was awarded with the title of Orzeł [Eagle] “Wprost” in the Business Leader category. Orzeł “Wprost” is a prestigious award intended to honor outstanding achievements, granted by the weekly “Wprost” upon recommendation of Bisnode and the National Center of Support for Agriculture. It is an award for those who exceptionally contribute to development of economy, region and the country.


Saint Florian’s Day 2019

In May, Re Alloys celebrated Saint Florian’s Day, the patron saint of metallurgists. Numerous events were organised in order to honour the work done by the steelworkers. Among others, awards, medals and congratulatory letters were given to the employees – the title of the “Deserving Employee” was granted to people showing exceptionally high level of commitment in performance of the entrusted tasks, people whose conduct and approach towards duties provides an example for other team members to emulate – says Jan Szafraniec – a Management Board member.