Re Alloys – ferroalloys producer

In 2014 Re Alloys Sp. z o.o.  finished the project “Modernization of the dedusting system of the furnace building no. III”. Investment was executed within the framework of National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management program “Effective usage of energy part 2) subsidizing investment actions leading to energy savings or an increase of energy efficiency in companies”. Power supply system of 6 extraction fans of furnace buildings no. III and no. IV has been modernized under the project.

The investment led to a change of fans efficiency control method by alteration of their rotation speed. The result of modernization is reduced energy consumption as well as CO2 emission. In the first year of use of the implemented solution Re Alloys Sp. z o.o. reported energy consumption savings of 4675,09 MWh and a decrease of CO2 emission by 4160,83 Mg.